Roger, Don’t be so hard on yourself. If we didn’t listen to that little voice inside we would be in trouble all the time. You’ve proven one thing. I’ve always said perseverance pays, you hung in there with that fight with yourself untell you won it the second time. Good for you. I would like to make an attempt at flash fiction. Thanks for all of your encouragement to everyone.

It's All in Finding the Right Words


I spent three months arguing with myself about hosting my own Flash Fiction contest.

I finally won.

I decided to host  ffpp .

The site was going great. I had a fine community of writers with whom who I established a great passion with sharing our flash fiction ‘children’.

Then, a stupid little voice steps in…. Of course, I didn’t know the voice was so stupid at the time or I would not have listened.

Another argument ensued. I should host the writing community as a WordPress Challenge. In order to do that, I had to remove it from my blog and initiate a new blog.

After arguing with myself for another three months. I won.

I started a new blog.

What a disaster!

I am so sorry to my flash comrades for stepping away from a great community of writers to seek a bigger platform. (There were far…

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