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In Head Collaboration

I have been working in collaboration with a keen mind, someone fairly close to me, as I attempt my writing endeavors. I have been attempting to use this new collaboration process for a couple years now. There is one small glitch to it, the one I am working with seems to go off on some weird tangents at times, seems to be lost in his own little Wilderness a lot of the time. This makes it hard to complete a writing assignment for a daily post word prompt, or for any post that I decide to write on my own, without prompting from WordPress. There are times when I feel I might be collaborating with the enemy. In this case that should not be a treasonable offense or one that might carry the death penalty, which is comforting to know.

This collaboration that I’m referring to, with my often distracted friend is my first attempt at knowledge management. It is a very effective method of transferring ‘know how’ among individuals, therefore creating and sustaining a competitive advantage. Collaboration is a key tenet of knowledge management. The successful merging of similar ideas strengthens the overall message that comes from any collaboration, it can be a very powerful tool to use in attaining the finished product, or in my case the story as I would like it to be published.

The one I work in collaboration with is my subconscious mind, we have worked together for years, with some confusion, one often seeking more credit than the other. What I have to do is developed a more effective way of communicating with my subconscious thoughts and ideas. I will have to possibly work on my dream decoding and recording device because a lot of these ideas are formed while in the state of REM sleep or rapid eye movement sleep. There is low muscle tone throughout the body, and the propensity of the sleeper to dream vividly. When there is a gap or short circuit getting that information to the conscious mind and to the computer keyboard the problem develops quite rapidly. Mishmash, gibberish, and mumbo jumbo are hard to decipher.

I cannot really blame my subconscious assistant, as I know he means well or at least tries to do his best. We just have to develop a better means of communication with one another. The one thing we must do is continue to collaborate one with the other on a more equal basis.


3 thoughts on “In Head Collaboration

  1. A hearty HAHAHA! O Leland dear but you are a trip! FORGET ABOUT THE SUBCONSCONCIOUS! Leave that to Sigmud. Ask the Deciphering from the Lovely Spirit of our Father within you. Betcha there will be no more hints of, “collaborating with the enemy. In this case that should not be a treasonable offense or one that might carry the death penalty, which is comforting to know.”
    I am having a rough time with people collaborating with me, but the enemy? O but the monster tries my measly amount of patience!

    I did not just enjoyed your post. You got the point across in the gross of my thick skull! Thanks. You made my day! Come visit my way. I miss you. 🙂


    • This world is full of terrorists. I haven’t heard of anybody who is willing to terrorize Satan himself. I do believe that puts you on a list with very few other names attached. I continue to wish you all the best in rounding up Lambs who will not listen to the Master. They would rather remain lost sheep. Living a Life of GREED! Buy everything they can get their hands on with credit cards, why not? Jesus is coming anyhow, it will all be free then! Yeah right! Satan tells them. That is only one of the negatives that keeps a Little Lamb running around in circles, lost and unhappy all the while.


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