Saved By A Fly

Saved By A Fly Yesterday was one of those days when you tell yourself nothing else can go wrong. This too shall pass, only something else gets worse. My wife had a doctors appointment at 4:45 PM, Lab was scheduled for 3:00 PM.This appointment was made on a computer over three months ago, but we … Continue reading Saved By A Fly


My New Norway Linkage

I have learned through a dedicated group of very talented writers and historians that my links to Norway go back, much farther than I thought. I would like to share some of that information with you. My great-great-grandfather was born near Trondheim in 1816, much of this history was long before that. I find it very … Continue reading My New Norway Linkage

Blue Angels Video

Scroll down to Blue Angels video.                 I have to think the following videos would make any a young, red blooded American consider a career as a jet aircraft pilot or mechanic. These are exciting videos to watch as they do some very serious, very close, formation flying. A Split … Continue reading Blue Angels Video

Service to Country

Men and women from the small community of Estelline, South Dakota U.S.A. who served in the military during World War II. My mother belonged to the American Legion Woman's Auxiliary at Estelline, South Dakota during the Second World War. She had seven brothers six served in the military. She also had two female cousins who … Continue reading Service to Country

The Northern Pacific Railroad

The Northern Pacific Freight Train near Helena, Montana 1944. The Northern Pacific Railroad freight cars carried goods for a growing Nation, also many people looking for a ride during hard times. It had to be awful cold heading for the West Coast in the fall and winter in an empty box car. About the coldest … Continue reading The Northern Pacific Railroad

Enamored Senses

The Daily Post Aug 30, 2017 DAILY PROMPT Enamored Write a new post in response to today’s one-word prompt. Enamored Senses Let your senses become enamored with that beautiful sea of blue. The delicate, tiny little blossoms, dance in the wind, held up by a strong and hardy straw. Separate the tow from that straw. … Continue reading Enamored Senses

Synchronize My Gastric Juices

  DAILY PROMPT Synchronize Write a new post in response to today’s one-word prompt. Synchronize My Gastric Juices Have you talked to someone lately, maybe over the phone or even across the table from each other, you usually try to synchronize the conversation. It seems to help, if one is talking about herding pigs, it … Continue reading Synchronize My Gastric Juices